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"The Barn House" Chicken Coop (Up To 4 Chickens)

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"The Barn House" Chicken Coop is one of Feather Lover Farms favorite backyard chicken coops for sale that houses up to 4 standard chickens or up to 7 bantam chickens. It is possible to keep more than 4 adult chickens as some breeds are larger than others but giving your chickens adequate space will keep your chickens happier and your chicken coop cleaner. The wood is coated with water-based environmentally friendly paints and is harmless to your pet chickens. Made with heavy duty galvanized wire that helps keep your chickens in and predators out. The entire chicken coop has a waterproof roof overhead the coop, the egg nest boxes and the run which will also help keep your chickens healthier and coop clean and dry. The nest box makes it convenient for you to collect eggs and fill up your egg basket from the outside. The chicken ladder gives your hens quick and easy access to the 2 floors. Also makes a great rabbit hutch or duck house. This chicken coop looks great in any backyard. Your chickens will love it and so will you!  

Shipping Notes:

Most orders leave the warehouse by the next day but allow up to 7 days. Estimated delivery time is 3-7 days. Ships from the California Warehouse. Please note: we do not have a storefront and orders cannot be picked up from our location. $39

Product Features:  

Chicken Capacity: Up to 4 chickens 
Dimensions: 76" wide x 29" deep x 45" high at tallest point 
Product Weight: 74 lbs 
Front Door: Securely locks to keep chickens in and predators out 
Ramp Door: Sliding locking door to restrict access from both floors 
Nest Box: Conveniently collect eggs daily 
Pull-out Droppings Tray: Easy to slide out and keep clean 
Waterproof Roof: Covers coop, run and nesting box 
Building Material: Durable Fir wood 
Assembly: Easy assembly with instructions
Tools Required: Screwdriver


Predator Protection

This chicken coop provides extra protection against predators and raccoons. Half-inch galvanized rabbit wire cloth lines the sides of the run and will help keep determined predators from grabbing your chickens. To help secure the coop even more, slide the ramp door shut at night to prevent predators from burrowing under and gaining access to the chickens. You can also set coop on top of a solid flat surface like bricks or wood. Another option is to secure the bottom of the coop with your own hardware cloth so you don't have to worry about closing the coop's second floor door at night. 

Fresh Eggs Daily! 

You'll never eat store bought chicken eggs again when you start supplying your own fresh farm raised eggs from your own flock! Easy to gather your daily eggs by simply lifting the nest box and gather your daily eggs your hens produced for you. Also makes your job easier when it comes time to clean the nest box and replace their bedding material with fresh straw or shavings. The nest box door is 
completely rain proof which keeps the bedding and eggs fresh and dry.

Enhancements and Modifications

While we do our best to ensure our chicken coops meet your expectations, the actual product could differ slightly from the images shown due to enhancements and/or modifications made by the manufacturer.

Damages, Returns & Cancellations

If your coop has been significantly damaged in shipment, report the damages to us within 48 hours of delivery and email photos so we can determine the next steps. Photos are required and help us determine which pieces are damaged. Please be aware that small scratches and dings may occur in the shipping process. We will replace or refund you for any broken, missing, or damaged parts. 

If you cancel your order before the coop ships, a 15% cancellation fee will be withheld from your refund. We do not accept order cancellations once the coop ships. 

Assembly Notes

Easy assembly! All you need is a screwdriver! All hardware and instructions are included. For an easier and safer assembly, use two people to assemble coop.