20 Reasons To Have Backyard Chickens

  1. Fresh eggs: One of the most obvious benefits of keeping chickens is the fresh eggs they provide.
  2. Organic pest control: Chickens are natural pest control and will happily munch on many common garden pests such as slugs, grubs, and beetles.
  3. Fertilizer: Chicken manure is a great fertilizer for your garden.
  4. Low maintenance: Compared to other animals, chickens are relatively low maintenance.
  5. Educational: Raising chickens can be a great educational experience for children and adults alike.
  6. Stress-relieving: Many people find spending time with chickens to be a stress-relieving experience.
  7. Delicious: Not only are chickens egg-cellent egg-laying machines, but they also make delicious meals.
  8. Sustainable: Raising chickens is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to produce food.
  9. Entertainment: Chickens are entertaining to watch and can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.
  10. A sense of community: Many people find that raising chickens helps to bring a sense of community to their neighborhood.
  11. Great for composting: Chicken manure is high in nitrogen, making it great for composting.
  12. Keeps bugs at bay: Chickens love to eat bugs and will help keep your yard free of them.
  13. Good for soil health: Chicken manure helps to improve soil health by adding vital nutrients.
  14. Good for mental health: Studies have shown that spending time with animals can be beneficial for mental health.
  15. Teach responsibility: Raising chickens can teach children responsibility and how to care for animals.
  16. Helping to preserve heritage breeds: By keeping heritage breeds of chickens, you can help to preserve their genetic diversity.
  17. They are great for 4-H projects: Many 4-H programs include chicken raising as a project, which can be a great educational experience.
  18. Fun to show: Showing chickens can be a fun and rewarding hobby for chicken enthusiasts.
  19. They are easy to raise: Compared to other livestock, chickens are relatively easy to raise.
  20. They are great for backyard homesteading: Keeping chickens is a great way to become more self

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