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Terms & Conditions

We look forward to sending you our fowl and want to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. To help make sure you are satisfied, we need you to make sure you acknowledge our Terms & Conditions. Please read our entire Terms & Conditions before purchasing our fowl. Our California NPIP number is 459
Ordering Our Fowl -- Orders may be placed at the top or bottom of this page with the shopping cart function and paid with either Paypal or credit card. For biosecurity reasons, we do not offer local pickup. All orders are shipped. Chicks are sold unsexed, unrelated and they usually ship as day olds. The birds pictured are our breeding stock, and they were selected from many birds for their exceptional quality. Our sexed started chickens are shipped at the age of (6-10 Weeks). 
Live Arrival Guarantee -- We do Live Arrival Guarantees on 3 chick min orders & started 6-10 week old chickens. We are very confident in our packaging and shipping methods as it is extremely rare to receive any chicks or started 6-10 week olds that don't survive shipment. However, it can happen to the best of us. If you, unfortunately, receive any dead fowl from us, you will need to email us photo proof of the dead fowl in the shipping box the day they arrive and we will send you a free replacement of the number of chicks/birds lost. If you received extra chicks, we will not replace extra chicks that didn't survive. Buyer is responsible for covering a $45 shipping fee for the free replacement chicks. (Only a 1 time replacement shipment per order) 
Flock Health and Vaccinations -- All of our adult fowl are vaccinated with all of the necessary vaccines to keep our flocks healthy. Our fowl are tested by the state of California every 6 months and we are NPIP certified as a disease free farm. We are happy to say that our entire flocks have always been disease free, healthy and thriving. Your chicks you receive from us will be vaccinated for Marek's disease unless you specifically ask us not to. Please note that Mareks vaccine is not always 100% effective and your chicks you receive from us can still possibly contract Mareks disease if it is present on your property.
Shipping Fowl --  All orders are shipped weekly Monday through Wednesday through USPS. We usually ship orders the following week but please allow up to 3 weeks for us to ship your order. We ship through USPS Priority Mail 1-2 Day Delivery. Sometimes it will take only 1 day for your order to arrive and sometimes it takes 2 days. It is based on your zip code and how often the Post Office delivers to certain locations throughout the country. 
Phone number -- Your phone number is required to ship. When you purchase your chicks or started adult pairs from us, we will need your phone number to write on the shipping box for the Post Office to call you to pick up your birds at your local Post Office when they arrive. Please make sure you write your phone number correctly. 
Payment -- Please send payment of Paypal or credit card at checkout. 
Refunds -- We do not offer returns or refunds for any orders. 
Shipping -- $45 Flat For Chick & Chicken Orders 
Tracking Number -- Your tracking number will be emailed to you. 
What To Expect -- Feather Lover Farms is proud to be recognized as one of the major producers of exceptionally high quality & extremely rare imported chicken breeds. Our flocks are all hand selected as top of the line show quality breeding stock. With this said, that does not mean every offspring will turn out perfect like their parents. Just as a litter of puppies from show winning parents are not all going to win a dog show, the chicks you receive from us aren't all destined to win blue ribbons at a poultry show. You should expect your chicks from us to represent the fundamental attributes of their breed. You should not expect all of your chicks from us to be perfect in every way. Though we feel all of our breeding stock are extremely high quality, we do not represent that every chick we sell will win poultry shows or be flawless. When you receive your chicks from us, enjoy watching them all grow to adults and then select the best ones to use as breeders, just as we have done with our flocks. With enough time and practice, you too can produce a quality breeding foundation just as Feather Lover Farms has done and help preserve these extremely rare beautiful birds. 
Shipment Dates -- Feather Lover Farms hatches and ships chicks every single week, 365 days a year. We ship based in the order received. Orders usually ship out the following week after purchase but please know it can take a few weeks or more to receive your chicks if we are very backed up on orders. If you would like to know approximately when your chicks will ship, please email us and we will gladly let you know the approximate ship date. You should know that we literally have to count our chicks before they hatch! It is extremely difficult to predict egg production and hatch rates, especially when dealing with extremely low numbers of extremely rare birds. We do our best to accurately give an estimate of ship dates but please know it is an estimate and we can be wrong. Feather Lover Farms is not a commercial chicken hatchery and the small number of hens that fill your order can randomly stop laying at any time.