About Us

Feather Lover Farms is home to over 40 of the worlds rarest chicken breeds imported from around the globe. We also have our own unique and beautiful designer chickens we created exclusively at our farm. We are located in Northern California, are NPIP Certified and ship to all 50 US states including Alaska and Hawaii with Live Arrival Guarantee on all orders. In 2015 our main focus was the incredibly rare black Indonesian chicken, Ayam Cemani, but since then we have expanded and constantly acquire many other rare chicken breeds each year that get imported from all over the world and sell baby chicks every week year round to our fellow US backyard chicken owners so they can also enjoy owning these incredibly rare chickens. 

At Feather Lover Farms, our breeding flocks are given the the absolute best care imaginable. They are all vaccinated for all of the possible diseases. We treat our fowl like a close family pet. Healthy and happy birds are a must for us! 

Our birds are housed in indoor/outdoor breeding facilities where they roam freely in small breeding flocks in the warm California Sun. In Fall and Winter, our flocks are are kept in different facilities where they are heated. We use solar lights in breeding pens during Fall and Winter to help with egg production during low light conditions. This allows us to produce eggs year-round and ship to fellow breeders 365 days a year. 

When you purchase from Feather Lover Farms you can expect nothing but the best quality and service. Our fowl, breeding facilities, care we give, shipping tactics, and customer service is top quality and we settle for nothing less. 

We have over 40 of the worlds rarest chicken breeds that were imported from all over the world, along with designer chicken breeds created exclusively at Feather Lover Farms. We hatch and ship baby chicks weekly year round to give our fellow US backyard chicken owners the opportunity to own and enjoy these extremely rare chickens right in your own backyard flock.