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Feather Lover Farm's FAQs


Minimum Chick Order & Live Arrival Guarantee?
We can ship as few as 3 baby chicks with Live Arrival Guarantee. 

Shipping Cost?
$45 Flat

Can I choose a delivery date?
When you place your order, you can attach a message at checkout with your preferred shipment date and we will try to accommodate your request after orders ahead of yours have been shipped. If you do not have a special ship date request then your chicks will ship as soon as possible based in the order received. We hatch and ship chicks every week on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday so they don't get held up over the weekend the Post Office. We try to ship your chicks the following week after purchase but please know it can take a few weeks or more based on orders ahead of yours and our hens egg production and hatch rates at that time. You will receive an email when your chicks ship, usually arriving 1-2 days later.

NPIP & Vaccinations?
We are NPIP #459 Certified in the State of California meaning our poultry flocks are clear of any disease and tested by the state every 6 months. Your chicks will be vaccinated for Marek's unless you state otherwise at checkout or by contacting us. 

Will chicks be delivered to my home?
No, chicks are never delivered to a home address. You will receive an email when your chicks ship and usually arrive at your local Post Office 1-2 days later. Your Post Office will call your phone number you provided us at checkout to come pickup your chicks.  

If I order different breeds, which chicks are which?
Your chicks are usually easy to tell which breeds are which as babies but you'll know for sure once they get older and acquire feathers. If you order both of our Ayam Cemani Bloodlines, we will leg band the Feather Lover Farms Line so you can tell the difference. 

What I need to do upon arrival?
When you receive your baby chicks from us, you'll need to provide them with chick starter food, water, and heat of about 95 degrees their first week of life. Every week you can usually lower the temperature 5 degrees until no extra heat is needed.