How Chickens Keep Themself Cool In Summer

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Chickens have a number of natural ways to keep cool during the hot summer months. Here's a guide on how chickens regulate their body temperature and stay cool during the summer:

  1. Panting: Chickens pant to cool down, just like dogs and cats do. They will open their beaks and breathe rapidly to help dissipate heat from their body.

  2. Fluffing their feathers: Chickens will fluff up their feathers to create a layer of air between their skin and the feathers which helps to insulate them from the heat.

  3. Heat Exchange: Chickens have a specialized blood vessels in their comb and wattle (the red fleshy protuberances on their head and neck) that helps dissipate heat from their body.

  4. Dust Bathing: Chickens will take dust baths to keep cool. They roll in the dust, which helps to keep their feathers clean and dry, and also helps to regulate their body temperature.

  5. Drinking water: Chickens will drink more water during the hot summer months to help keep their body cool.

  6. Seeking shade: Chickens will seek out shade to escape the hot sun, they will also use the shade to nap during the hottest part of the day.

  7. Foraging: Chickens will forage for food during the cooler parts of the day to prevent overheating.

  8. Cooling down at night: Chickens will cool down at night when the temperature drops. They will also sleep in a more upright position to allow air to circulate around their bodies.

In conclusion, Chickens have several natural ways to regulate their body temperature and stay cool during the hot summer months. These include panting, fluffing their feathers, heat exchange, dust bathing, drinking water, seeking shade, foraging and cooling down at night. As a backyard farmer, it's important to provide them with adequate shade, dust baths, clean water, and a good ventilation to help them regulate their body temperature and prevent heat stress.

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