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Marek's Vaccination (Priced Per Chick)
Marek's Vaccination (Priced Per Chick)

Marek's Vaccination (Priced Per Chick)

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Priced $3 Per Chick.

Example: If you order 6 baby chicks, add to cart a quantity of 6 Marek's Vaccinations.

Need to add Marek's to a pre-existing order? If you already placed a chick order and forgot to add Marek's, you can place a new order for Marek's and your original chick order will be vaccinated for Marek's as we will see  and fulfill your Marek's order the day we ship your chicks. No need to contact us to add Marek's to your order. You can place the new Marek's order directly on our site with free shipping. :)

Marek's vaccination must be given to baby chicks at 1 day of age which is conveniently how old they are when Feather Lover Farms ships them each week.

What is Marek's Disease?

Marek's Disease is highly contagious very common chicken disease affecting many backyard chickens in the US. It is characterized by lesions affecting the nervous system, organs, and other tissues and commonly causes paralysis and fatality in chickens. Young chickens under 4 months of age are the most susceptible. There is no treatment for Marek's once the birds are infected and display the symptoms. Vaccination for Marek's is not 100% guarantee that your chicks will not get Marek's or display symptoms but it is usually an effective vaccine. Chicks are vaccinated as day-olds because it gives them the best chance of building the immunity to prevent future symptoms of Marek's. Feather Lover Farms vaccinates all of our own breeding stock and strongly feel that you should do the same. Having us vaccinate your chicks for Marek's greatly reduces the chance of your chicks getting Marek's and is a responsible step in good poultry management. Don't take any chances when you order some of the world's rarest baby chicks from our farm. We highly recommend us vaccinating your day-old chicks.

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