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Double Laced Silver Barnevelder Hen
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Silver Barnevelder Hen
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Silver Double Laced Barnevelder Chickens (6-10 Weeks Old)

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One of the prettiest feather plumage of all chicken breeds, as well as almost an impossible color to find, Feather Lover Farms was able to acquire unrelated breeding flocks of Silver Double Laced Barnevelder. This rare color comes in bantam and large fowl and our flocks consist of the large fowl. 

Barnevelder chickens were developed as a dual purpose breed in Holland over 200 years ago. Created by crossing Dutch chicken breeds with Asian chicken breeds known as Shanghai chickens in the town of Barneveld. Some of the known breeds used to create the Barnevelder 200 years ago were Brahma, Cochin, Croad Langshan and possibly Wyandotte and Buff Orpington. The Barnevelder chicken was created for hardiness, good egg production of brown eggs, as well as Winter egg production. More than a dozen Barnevelder varieties were created and recognized but the Silver Double Laced Barnevelder is known to be the rarest color. Also known as "Barnies", they are a calm and docile breed. The hens are excellent year round layers of up to 200 eggs a year.

The most unique feature of this chicken breed is their double laced feather pattern which appeared in Europe in the 1920's and only the hens express this double lacing. Feather Lover Farms has been working to breed only the finest quality of crisp and precise Double Lacing in hopes to consistently produce high-quality Double Laced chicks from every hatch. This striking breed is a fantastic choice whether you have the capability of a large or small flock. The Silver Double Laced Barnevelder rare color and feather pattern is simply breathtaking. 

Shipping Cost: $75 flat rate for Juvenile Chicken Orders, whether you order 1 chicken or 10 chickens.

Minimum Order: We can ship as few as 1 juvenile 6-10 week old chicken! We ship anywhere in the US excluding Alaska & Hawaii. Live Arrival Guarantee on all orders.

Maximum Order: Because this breed is extremely rare, a maximum of 6 can be ordered at a time. We encourage you to mix and match other breeds. 

When Your Birds Ship: You will receive an automatic email and text message when your chicks ship along with tracking info. Juvenile 6-10 week old birds usually arrive in the morning 1-2 days later and your local Post Office will call you for pickup. Live birds are never delivered to your home address, even if you used a home address for your shipping address. 

Silver Barnevelder FAQs:

Origin: Holland (Northern Europe)
Type: Medium (Between Bantam or Large Fowl)
Size: Medium (3-6 lbs)
Rarity: Extremely rare color variety
Purpose: Duel
Colors: Silver Double Laced
Egg Laying: Good (4/week, up to 200/year)
Egg Color: Brown
Egg Size: Medium
Unique Feature: Extremely Rare Color & Winter Egg Layers

Cold Hardiness: Hardy in Winter
Heat Tolerance: Good heat tolerance
Docile: Yes
Setter/Broody: Unlikely
Personality: Lively, active, friendly and docile 

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