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White Crested Polish Chickens Feather Lover Farms
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White Crested Polish Chickens Feather Lover Farms
White Crested Black Polish Chick (Unsexed)
White Crested Polish Chicks Feather Lover Farms

White Crested Black Polish Chick (Unsexed)

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Introducing our new show quality fun and funky breed! A very special and unique chicken with huge feathered crests on their head that makes it hard to look away!

White Crested Black Polish are a neat backyard chicken breed with their large feathered crest and extremely calm disposition. We've had so many customers over the years asking us for this chicken breed that we finally decided to do something about it. We visited a few California and Nevada poultry shows where we met some breeders and carefully hand selected our new adult breeders with only the largest feathered crests on their heads.

Polish chickens are simply outrageous to look at and are a popular breed in America's backyard chicken flocks. These chickens are extremely hardy and do well free ranging despite their lack of sight with all those feathers in front of their eyes! 

Despite their obvious name, Polish chickens actually are not believed to originate in Poland but rather the Netherlands centuries ago. Polish stems from the Dutch word Pol, meaning "head" in obvious reference to that poof of feathers on top of their heads. This chicken breed is thought to have been around since at least the 15th century with many old Dutch and Italian paintings with strong resemblance of the Polish chickens. 

Feather Lover Farms White Crested Black Polish have proven themselves to be strikingly beautful as well as hardy chickens despite their exotic looks. When they hatch their crests are quite evident even as day-old chicks. The adult roosters crests will have a more of that slick back look when they mature and the hens are more of that perfectly rounded and fluffy crest. The hens also lay an abundant amount of small to medium sized white eggs. They are also quite easy to catch with their feathery obstructed vision, very calm and tend to love being held.

White Crested Polish FAQs:
Origin: Netherlands
Type: Standard Large Fowl 
Size: Heavy (7-8 lbs)
Rarity: Not Rare, but Show Quality is hard to find
Purpose: Ornamental
Colors: White Crested Black
Egg Laying: Fair (2-3/week)
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: Small/Medium
Unique Feature: V Shape Comb
Cold Hardiness: Fair
Heat Tolerance: Tolerates heat well
Docile: Yes very
Setter/Broody: No
Personality: Gentle, friendly, docile and quiet 


Quick Chick FAQs:

Straight Run Chicks: Straight Run Chicks are un-sexed, randomly selected and each chick has a 50/50 chance of being a male or female. 

Shipping: You will receive an automatic email and text message when your chicks ship along with tracking info. Chicks usually arrive in the morning 1-2 days later and your local Post Office will call you for pickup. Chicks are never delivered to your home address, even if you used a home address for your shipping address. 

What I Need: Everything you need can usually be purchased at your local feed store. Chick starter feed, waterer, brooder (cardboard box, plastic storage bin, bathtub, or even a kiddie pool are popular), pine shavings, thermometer and a heat lamp or heat source. Baby chicks require heat of about 95 degrees their first week of life. Second week you can lower the temperature to 90 degrees and so on with every week going down 5 degrees until 6-8 weeks old or when they are ready to go "outside".

How Do My Chicks Survive Shipment?: Baby chicks do not need food or water for the first 72 hours of life. Ingesting their yolk sac gives them the nutrition they need to survive the journey from Feather Lover Farm's hatching facility to you! Shipping day-old chicks helps ensure a safe arrival since they will usually be just 2 days old when you receive them. Our packaging is professional with a brand new chick shipping box, nesting material and warm long lasting heat packs depending on the time of the year. Your chicks will look like they just hatched out of a nest when you open the box and jump into your arms, thinking you are their mother hen!


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